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Update 2021-07-07

Currently, there are no restrictions in place.

Update 2021-04-17

As of tomorrow, church services are held again and can be attended in person.

Please note that all previously introduced restrictions are still effective (see our previous COVID-19 updates on this page).

Update 2021-03-13

Due to the high number of daily cases in Hungary, our church decided to suspend all worship services. You can watch the services at the usual time (every Sunday at 10:00 and 17:30 CET), but bear in mind that we cannot provide translation during this period. We ask for your understanding.

Update 2021-03-06

In the light of the novel restrictions introduced by the Government of Hungary, our congregation enacts the following guidelines:

1. Visiting our churches will from now on be only allowed while wearing a medical-grade (blue/green) or an FPP2 mask.

2. When arriving, please proceed to take a seat immediately. When the service ends, church premises must be left immediately. Chatting with others is only possible outside the building.

+) Additional information for foreigners: all gatherings on public spaces are forbidden by law as of now, and hungarian law does not explicitly specify how many people constitute a gathering. Please pay attention to this when leaving the building.

3. Any activities other that our regular services are cancelled.

All formerly specified restrictions still apply, unless noted otherwise.

Update 2020-09-19

Our congregation warmly welcomes everybody to our services. Due to the rise in new cases, we have updated our guidelines for a safe attendance. Please review the following list:

1. We ask everyone with the following symptoms not to visit our services: fever (including rise in temperature), coughing, loss of taste and/or smell.

2. Church premises are desinfected before and after every service.

3. On arrival, please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance.

4. On arrival, please proceed into the main room and take a seat as soon as possible. In order to avoid congestion, please refrain from staying in the entrance hall.

5. Coats should be brought into the main room.

6. During your entire stay at our church, we ask you to wear a mask which covers both mouth and nose.

+) Additional information for foreigners: in Hungary, wearing a mask in public spaces is mandatory, which means you have to wear one even outside of the building.

7. Please stay at least 1,5m apart in church premises. Seats are placed accordingly. Only people belonging to the same household are allowed to sit next to eachother.

8. There is no singing during services. Singing is replaced by recordings.

9. When leaving, use all available exits.

Thank you for your cooperation!
The Church elders