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Our church sustains its activities through the donations of its members and friends. Donating takes place primarily during our services as a token of gratitude for having been redeemed in Jesus Christ. In the Scriptures God calls on all of his children who have received salvation: „... and none shall appear before me empty” (Exodus 23, 15). At the same time our church, which toils for the sake of God, is thankful for donations reveived from other supporters too.
You can donate to our church using the following means:

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From a hungarian account:

Bank name: K&H Bank

Account no.: 10402283-50526767-50701005

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From an international account:


IBAN: HU08 1040 2283 5052 6767 5070 1005

The following section addresses hungarian tax residents:
We would also like to point out that according to hungarian law, hungarian tax residents can issue a disposition regarding the 1% of their taxes, which they can choose to support a church or a religious institution with. Such an offering is not, in fact, a donation, but a disposition concerning a sum that has already been subtracted by the state from our taxes. Taxpayers solely make a decision on which church and/or organization should receive this sum. Even if one chooses not to issue a disposition, that sum will still be used within the state budget. The offering would support the efforts of our church in preaching and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that among many honorable social activities, the most important one is the laboring for the eternal fate of the souls.

Our "technical number" (Hu.: "technikai szám"): 2123

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